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Pair of Brothers Ready for Stable, Loving Home

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Wednesday's Child this week focuses on two brothers looking for placement in a loving adoptive home together. The scene is once again at the Mirage Dolphin pool, but with a much different story than last week.

You'll remember 4-and-a-half-year-old Michael from last week. He was practically fearless around the dolphin experience. But it was different story with 7-year-old Tomas and his younger brother Micah before they even got there. Tomas was a little wary.

"When we were on our way here, he was sayin', 'I don't want to touch the dolphins. I don't want to touch the dolphins.' So he was kinda nervous about that, but I think he thought they were going to bite him or something," says Regina, the boys' DFS caseworker.

It's true. While Michael was out with the dolphins, we went to Tomas and his brother, once, twice, and finally coaxed them out on the third time to touch the dolphins, even if it was just a tap 'n' go.

For all his hesitation, Tomas is an excellent student and a strong big brother for Micah.   Sometimes, though, old problems from seven previous placements can come out.

"He, he has his issues as well. He can get angry, but he's not as bad as he was in the beginning. And that's because of the fact that he's been in therapy and they've been talkin' to him about his relationship," says Regina.

Micah, though, is really beginning to come into his own.

"He is, I mean, he wasn't like that in the beginning, and he just now started to like blossom, 'cause he started school. He's in Pre-K and his reaction with all the kids and everything," adds Regina.

Regina believes these two boys would need a strong two-parent home.

"The family they're with now is a mother and a father, and I think that's good for them because then they get both parts. And also they are gonna need someone who's going to be very active 'cause they really like to go. They love to have fun. They love to be swimmin' and playing," Regina explains.

These two are affectionate kids who are just starting to realize their potential. If you're interested, please call the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.

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