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4-Year-Old Michael is an Absolute Delight

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Michael is the "little guy" in the red shirt. Michael is the "little guy" in the red shirt.

We've profiled many sibling sets on Wednesday's Child this year, but clearly this candidate stands alone -- not to mention he is outstanding.  

We visited at the Mirage Dolphin Pool the other day. We were with two other Wednesday's Child candidates you'll meet next week.

Our focus for right now is a happy guy named Michael. He's a fountain of energy, curiosity, and adventure. The youngest child there, he was the first to reach out and touch the dolphins.

Much of the credit for who Michael is today falls on his loving foster mother, who has taught him to trust again after a hurtful early childhood. Now he more than handles his own.

"When he gets up in the morning, this is some of his behavior. He makes up his bed, takes his shower, gets fully dressed all by himself. (He) just follows the routine. And he go to school, put his backpack by door," says Regina, Michael's current foster mother. 

By the way, Michael crashed our camera shot during our interview with his foster mother answering her cell phone. This is one kid with plenty of personality.

"Michael is a leader. He's a leader and he believe that he can do anything. He's a winner. He conquers anything. He's no loser, he don't care how many falls he gets, he gets right back up and he doesn't hold it against anybody. So whatever people do to him, he get right back. He goes on the other side and makes friends. Michael is a person, that he just won't take no for an answer. Yes, he's determined to get to the top," gushes Regina.

Regina knows she's too on-in-years to be the right family for young Michael. A two-parent home with a strong father figure is the ideal adoptive home for Michael.

"I think he just needs the love back. You know, when he got the love in my home, it just kinda removed all meanness, all the fight in him. He didn't have to fight anymore. And Michael is a perfect kid. He's an awesome little boy," says Regina.

Michael's foster mom Regina says he is also a very affectionate kid with limitless potential. If you're interested, please call the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.

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