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Comments From Viewers on Jim Gibbons Controversy

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Here are some of the emails Channel 8 Eyewitness News received.
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"I have (a) question for Mr. Gibbons. I would like to know why an elected official, running for the office for governor of Nevada, would be "helping" an intoxicated person to their car?

I'm sure he knew this person was a dangerous threat to themselves and everyone else on the road.  I know who I will be voting for in the next few weeks."   

-- From a victim of a DUI accident

"I think we are witnessing another example of Democratic DIRTY politics in Nevada.  Why would a highly respected, ex-military officer, with an unblemished record in Congress do such a stupid thing 3 weeks before an election? 

The answer is, he didn't and anyone who believes this happened is either naive or a Democrat.  I am tired of politics in this state. 

I have not missed voting in a general election since 1960 even while deployed with the Navy for 22 years. I am 67 years old and disgusted with the way politics has turned into a liar's free-for-all."

--John in Las Vegas

"Don't believe this woman is telling the truth about her claim that she was attacked. Probably did drink too much, found herself not in the right clear head and was stumbling along. Got a friendly hand after tripping and then decided to come up with some ugly claim to try and make some big bucks.

Happens all the time in Las Vegas. Did she tell her story to a TV camera???!  No, not yet."

--  Frank

"This is the first time I have ever responded to a local news story and regarding the Jim Gibbons incident, Idon't know who is lying but I do feel "where there's smoke there's fire." 
I'm a 71-year-old female following this upcoming election very closely and I can tell you I am so disgusted at the trashing of each others opponent  that it's difficult to make an educated vote. Nevertheless, with my sample ballot almost complete and my vote marked for Jim Gibbons, I cannot in good conscience vote for him. He had no business drawing attention to himself in that restaurant drinking and carrying on with females who appeared to be intoxicated and the election within weeks.  

If you choose the behavior, you choose the responsibility. I have lost respect for him for a man in his position."

-- Marian

"I'm not a very political person and vote independent, but even I can see the "set up" implications of this attempt to smear Gibbons this close to the election. 

The woman ever so innocently (ahem) approaches Jim Gibbons and his party and asks if SHE can buy them a drink (as witnessed by the staff in the restaurant).  Then, friendly as a sunny day in Vegas, she chats them up.  Then she conveniently can't find her car, needs help... then, oopsie, she conveniently remembers it just happens to be over in the parking lot by the hotel where Gibbons is staying... then, oh dear clumsy little thing, she trips and falls into his arms.  Hmmm."

-- Siobhan

"As a democrat committed to campaigning for our candidates, I would love for some discernative evidence to come up showing Congressman Gibbons to be guilty of the accusations.

However, in this country an individual is supposed to be presumed innocent until proven guilty, and there simply is no proof.

What we do have is a woman who, according to the audio on the website, sounds goofy as hell.  After listening to the audio myself the person I feel sorry for is the 911 operator who had the misfortune of taking the call(s) and the police officer(s) that had to take the report. If I were a DA and you wanted me to take the case with her as the sole witness -- I'd break down in tears.

Unless some 3rd party credible witness appears that can (corroborate) Ms. Masseo's testimony, we have to presume that Jim Gibbons is innocent of these allegations. To do otherwise would be akin to voting for, or against, a candidate based solely on the opposing candidates television commercials."

-- Mike in Las Vegas

"Smells like set up to me!  It is funny how the lady said she was not pressing charges last Friday, and now 6 days later when it hits the press, she hires a lawyer.  Is this scam being paid for by the Dina Titus campaign?"

-- Nancy

"You can't convince me there aren't plenty of surveillance cameras to zone in on exactly what was going on with Gibbons.  He is well  recognized wherever he goes.  There are more witnesses out there other than her female companions. 

The newspaper said Gibbon's had a bill over $300.  A person normally doesn't get that size bill without  alcohol involved. This just reassures me we need a change and Dina Titus will be that change."

-- Yolanda

"This gal is a liar. Nothing about her allegations sound real. She's trying to get in a position to get her 15 minutes of fame and/or to extort money to shut up. She is just trying to start trouble for him."

-- Carmen

"I think this is a ridiculous charge by someone who probably is paid for by Titus for the governor campaign. Jim gibbons is a gentleman and a very respected politician. That is saying a lot, that a politician has the respect of the community.

Let's have the lady take a lie detector test."

-- Connie in Henderson

"If Gibbons claims that Chrissy was so drunk that she stumbled, why would he supposedly walk a drunk "lady" to find and drive a truck? Why would he "wait" outside for Chrissy to come out, and then supposedly ask to walk her to her truck?

A married "officer and a gentleman" wouldn't wait for a drunk lady to come out and then walk her to drive a truck "under the influence." Who is he kidding? If he isn't true to his commitment to his wife of 20 years, then how can we trust him to lead our state as a governor?"

-- Josesolo

"Why would Jim Gibbons let a person drinking and not able to remain standing drive? Does he have a responsibility to call the police if he thinks someone with too much to drink is driving? He may not be "required" but what about doing the right thing for someone's safety?"

-- Nancy

I am a card carrying Democrat. I do not plan to vote for Jim Gibbons, but I have been around long enough to see a scam when I see it. I do not believe that woman and I think (the media) need to let this go.

Half the lies we hear about are carried by (the media). Please, no more about this issue. Let the police do their work and report on their findings. Until then I think you should be mute."

-- Katie

"I must say that I was "happy" to see your coverage regarding the Jim Gibbons incident - fair and balanced from my point of view.

I've contacted another local news station because they only played the last 911 call to Metro instead of all three calls which, to me, shows someone in a state of inebriation; laughing, giggling and swearing like a "truck driver". I guess I know where their politics are.

After hearing all three 911 calls last night it is my opinion that this is all a set up with early voting beginning this Saturday. How sad.

I'm beginning to hate election time - all the phone calls, TV ads slamming one another - what a shame.

I was so upset this afternoon. I called Jim Gibbons campaign headquarters in Reno to voice my disappointment regarding the coverage here in Las Vegas. She told me that Jim Gibbons was, at that moment, giving a news conference. The other station didn't broadcast it but your station did. Kudos to you. I don't think I'll watch that channel again.

Democrat or Republican - it shouldn't matter. We only ask to get both unbiased views.

-- Paulette, resident of Las Vegas for 21 years

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