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New Psychiatric Hospital Opens in Las Vegas

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It's too early to tell how the new psychiatric hospital will affect our valley's over-crowded emergency rooms, but that is the goal of the facility.

The Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital opened Monday in Las Vegas to help meet the needs of people suffering from mental illness.

The hospital, located at Jones and Oakey, has 150 beds right now but it will get an additional 40 beds in the next few months.

While it seems small for our growing valley, it means the world to those who need the services inside.

Alyce Thomas has been working with mental health patients at Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services since 2002.

She says, "You know what when you have somebody there to pick you up when you fall it makes a big difference."

And no one knows that better than she does. Alyce may have started working at the center four years ago, but her journey started there in 1998, as a mental health patient.

If it wasn't for a friend bringing her to that mental health facility, Alyce doesn't know where she'd be now. 

That is why she is so excited about the opening of the Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital. increase from 77 to 217 by October.

Thomas continues, "It's giving them the tools and the strength to maintain their stability once they come out of the hospital, and if we don't have people returning over and over that leaves room for people that are coming in that need the same help."

Help that she is now able to provide to others because of the same help she received just eight years ago.

The new mental health hospital has 150 beds. Plans are already in the works to expand to 190.

The facility cost $32 million. The opening of the hospital was delayed about a month because of construction delays.

Local health officials say this new facility will help ease the overcrowding at local hospitals where emergency rooms have been overwhelmed by mental patients.

The first patients will be accepted at the new hospital beginning Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2006.

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