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Metro Releases Officer's Name in Las Vegas Strip Shooting

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Metro has released the name of the police officer involved in this week's shooting on the Las Vegas Strip.

Thirty-year-old Officer Ryan McBride shot and killed Tarance Hall on Tuesday night after officers confronted him about turning down his stereo.

There have been 18 shootings involving Metro Police so far this year. That's 7 more than in 2005. But how does that number compare with the rest of the country?

Some people would say that Las Vegas has regressed into the Wild West when you look at the number of officer-involved shootings this year.

A tourist caught the aftermath of the shooting on Las Vegas Boulevard at Flamingo on the night of July 4th on videotape.

Police shot and killed Tarance Hall after trying to stop him for playing his music too loudly. Metro says an officer got stuck in the car and his partner feared for his life.

This shooting became the topic of discussion at the Huntridge Barber Shop.

Las Vegas resident Wendell Boley thinks it boils down to inexperience on the streets. "They are not getting enough time before they get there," he said. 

But Huntridge Barber Shop owner Ann Gallegos disagrees. "I think it is just the people coming in and it's just getting bigger and the town is getting bigger. We've lived here for over 40 years. We came here when the town was small, but as it gets bigger more people move in. There is more crime," she commented.

No one really knows for sure why Metro officers shot more people this year. Even experts in the field of human behavior cannot point to one cause, just contributing factors.

Philip Colosimo, a clinical psychologist, said, "When you expect someone to be compliant, they are not."

Colosimo believes more people challenge officers than ever before.

It's a reason Metro Homicide Lt. Lew Roberts uses to defend the police shootings. "Well, you know trigger-happy is probably a really irresponsible term for people to use. The bottom line that people really don't look at we can't forecast human behavior," he stated.

Human behavior that was scrutinized by the armchair quarterbacks at the barber shop. It boils down to more people move in; there's more crime.

So far this year Metro has been outpacing Los Angeles for officer-involved shootings. There have been 18 police shootings here. And to of those were fatal.

Los Angeles, which has a much bigger population, has had 13 officer-involved shootings this year.

North Las Vegas has had two.

Reno had one.

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