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Edward Lawrence, Reporter

Foster Parents of Everlyse Cabrera Seek Restraining Order

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Neighbors that live near Everlyse Cabrera's foster family. Neighbors that live near Everlyse Cabrera's foster family.

There's still no sign of a missing North Las Vegas girl 17 days after she disappeared. Her foster parents say 2-and-a-half-year-old Everlyse Cabrera walked away from their home June 10.

Now there is a new twist in the disappearance.

The foster parents have filed for restraining orders against one of their neighbors and Everlyse's biological parents.  

There's a lot of tension in that neighborhood. A display that supports finding the girl is next door to where she disappeared. The foster parents who live there have not talked with police or neighbors since the day Everlyse disappeared.

A judge has not looked over or approved the orders yet.

Where's Everlyse Cabrera? That question has bothered Steven Ermilio for the past 17 days. He lives next to the foster home where she disappeared.

Ermilio started the pile of stuffed animals and flowers, which others added to, in front of his house. He and other neighbors gather and pray the child will be found alive.

Steven Ermilio said, "I still hold hope that she is still out there somewhere and she will come home to the biological parents."

He hoped the foster parents would join the first vigil.

Vhee and Manuel Carrascal did not and have refused to speak to police since Everlyse disappeared June 10.

No one answered when Eyewitness News tried to talk with them again Tuesday.

The silence has increased tension on the street. It's all the neighbors talk about when they get together for the vigils on Ermilio's property.

Steven Ermilio said, "Until we find out something or they talk to the police, we are not leaving this property. This is my property and I'm not leaving and you cannot stop me."

North Las Vegas Police are just as frustrated. The tip line stopped ringing several days ago and detectives say they have not formulated any suspects.

Sean Walker, with the NLV police, said, "We have not identified that this is a crime. We are still looking at it as a missing persons case. "

All of this has added to the frustration of neighbors who helped to search for Everlyse while they say the foster parents remained out of sight.

Steven Ermilio added, "I'm not out to cause harm or threaten them. All I want them is to tell the police what happened to the little girl."

The neighbors say they will not stop holding vigils at the house. And there is another one planned for this week.

The last tips police received on this case several days ago came from psychics.

Police look at all of them. They say they never know which tip will lead to Everlyse.

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