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Adrian Arambulo, Reporter

Vigil Held For Missing Girl

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North Las Vegas Police are concerned about the circumstances of a little girl's disappearance.

Two-year-old Everlyse Cabrera was reported missing by her foster parents on Saturday, June 10. They say she disappeared sometime during the night.

Police are asking the public to search their memories and report any times they saw the toddler anytime since May 15. They are wondering if she went missing long before Saturday.

On Tuesday night, neighbors came together to hold a vigil for the missing child. Everlyse's parents, Marlena Olivas and Ernest Cabrera prayed and called on the help of the community and the foster parents who were taking care of Everlyse.

The vigil wasn't held at Everlyse's foster home but at the next-door neighbor's house. The foster family was nowhere to be seen Tuesday evening.

But there is plenty of hope alive in this community.

Marlena Oliva, Evelyse's mother, said, "We have to keep doing this. It doesn't matter how tired we are. How much sleep we get."

Those who went to the vigil said it wasn't about mourning, but rather a call for help.

Oliva continued, "Don't feel bad for us. Feel bad for her. Keep an eye on the street for her. We have to find her. She's gotta be out there."

Concerned neighbor Robert Caracciola said. "That's what this is all about, really raise awareness the girl is missing. Hopefully, people will recognize her face -- if they do -- let police know right away."

For much of Tuesday evening, police were walking through the neighborhood, knocking on doors and talking with residents. They now want to know if anyone had seen Everlyse since May 15. And if so, what condition she was in?

Tim Bedwell, with North Las Vegas Police, said, "Basically, corroborate the stories of the family she was living with. The way we want to do it is by neighbors, through church. We don't doubt she was around during that period. We want to make sure our timelines are correct."

The case has now become more challenging since Everyse's foster parents are no longer cooperating with police or her birth parents.

Marlena Oliva said, "We need their help. If anything, it should be two mothers here together begging for everyone's help to find her."

But the vigil proved there are plenty of people who are willing to help any way they can.

At this point there are no suspects, there have been no arrests, and there is no evidence that a crime occurred.

Anyone who recognizes Everlyse's face can call CrimeStoppers at 385-5555.

The birth parents say the last time they saw Everlyse Cabrera was May 14, which is consistent with what police have said regarding the last time anyone outside of the foster family saw her.

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