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Questions Linger Over Reid's Free Boxing Credentials

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Several questions still linger on the free credentials Senator Harry Reid received from the Nevada Athletic Commission. Wednesday, the commission talked about their policy on issuing free credentials and getting free tickets themselves.

It's a ringside seat that Nevada Senator and Minority Leader Harry Reid accepted for free. Reid and the Nevada Athletic Commission say it was not a ticket but a credential. The Nevada Athletic Commission offerd the senator's credential to him.

Keith Kizer is the executive director of the Nevada Athletic Commission. He says by state law, the commissioners have about thirty seats for judges, commissioners, staff and officials. The commission decides who can be credentialed and sits up front.

Kizer said, "It's up to the commission to decide who comes to watch with us. We want to exchange ideas. We want to educate government officials."

These credentials are not paid for even though Arizona Senator John McCain, who was also at the same fight with Senator Reid, paid for his.

Kizer said, "He didn't pay for the credential. After the fight he decided to pay for the credential. He wanted to pay us and we said we didn't sell credentials. We can't charge for sitting in the government area."

Also by state law, commissioners receive up to six free tickets>

Kizer continued, "By regulation we get a limited amount of tickets per fight and give them to certain individuals who come to see. The criteria is usually someone assisting or promoting the fight."

Other city and state leaders have taken seats in the past.

Keith Kizer added, "You'll see them sharing their tickets. In the past there's been Sheriff Young, other governors."

But commissioners cannot sell the allocated tickets for them to other people.

The commission did not accept the money Senator McCain paid. The promoter accepted it and donated it to charity. Kizer says athletic commissions from other states often visit the credentialed area to learn how the Nevada Athletic Commission works. These visitors are often credentialed for free as well.

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