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County Recorder Maintains Her Innocence

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Clark County Recorder Francis Deane Clark County Recorder Francis Deane
Clark County Manager Thom Reilly Clark County Manager Thom Reilly

Metro Police examined new evidence in the case involving Clark County Recorder Francis Deane. She returned to work on March 14th and maintained her innocence. Eyewitness News talked with Deane and the Clark County manager about the investigation.

Francis Deane's presence in the office concerns Clark County Manager Thom Reilly. He said, "Obviously the allegations are very serious. The fact that Metro and the District Attorney's office are involved and they removed all of these documents. Yes, we do have a concern."

Deane has no computer in her office, but still has access to the system from other terminals.

Metro is investigating whether she sold information about homes headed for foreclosure to a local businessman before it became public. Deane said, "I can hold my head up high and square my shoulders. I know I did not do this."

Reilly wants to reassure the public that the ten million documents in the recorder's office are secure. He says he would have felt better if Deane stayed home during the investigation. Reilly also says Deane promised to do that in two separate phone conversations. "I am disappointed that she reneged on her promise to allow Charles Harvey, her assistant, to take over," Reilly said.

Reporter Edward Lawrence: "Thom Reilly has asked that you not do official business. Are you doing official business today?"

Francis Deane responded: "Certainly. I am an elected official tasked with the maintenance and preservation of the records."

Deane says nothing will keep her form her work.

Metro will not be finished with the investigation for several weeks. Detectives have a lot of papers to sift through. Sources say what's been uncovered so far has been quote "very interesting" to investigators.

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