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Francis Deane Talks With Eyewitness News

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Erik Pappa talks with Eyewitness News on Mar. 14, 2006 Erik Pappa talks with Eyewitness News on Mar. 14, 2006
Francis Deane talks with Eyewitness News on Mar. 14, 2006 Francis Deane talks with Eyewitness News on Mar. 14, 2006

Clark County Recorder Francis Deane is speaking out for the first time. She talked to Eyewitness News about Metro's investigation that she allegedly took thousands of dollars from a local business in exchange for early access to public documents.

Francis Deane showed up at her office today despite the fact that county officials asked her not to come to work. She does not have a computer in her office because Metro confiscated it. But Deane says there is still plenty of paperwork for her to complete. She also says Metro is off base with their investigation. Deane said, "All of the allegations are false."

Deane answered phones and pushed papers on Tuesday. She showed up at work against the request of Clark County Manager Thom Reilly. Metro sources say Deane is being investigated for giving a local man information on properties headed for foreclosure. Investigators say the information would allow him to buy properties before the bank actually foreclosed on them. Deane says the allegations are false.

Deane responded, "I am cooperating fully with the investigation. It would be my expectation with my cooperation, Metro will get to the bottom of what they are looking for."

Eyewitness News has learned detectives are looking for a connection between Monty Miller, the owner of American Documents printing company, and Deane and whether she provided him information before it was public.

Deane said, "I know Monty Miller as a high ranking republican -- a well-respected republican, to a degree a social relationship with, but as a republican."

Because of unanswered questions, Clark County Manager Thom Reilly asked Deane not to return to work until the investigation was finished. Clark County spokesmen Erik Pappa says Deane verbally agreed not to come into the office but refused to sign a formal agreement.

Erik Pappa said, "She would turn over the operations to the assistant recorder. She is back in the office today (Tuesday) and we are disappointed to hear that she might be running the office."

Deane continued, "I am an elected official who has a job in Clark County that needs to be done. The voters voted for me to be their recorder. I feel compelled to do the work associated with that job."

Papa says her presence there is a distraction.

Regardless, Deane says she will be at work again on Wednesday. She also says her staff met her with handshakes and hugs.

Deane questions the timing of the investigation in an election year. She will continue to run as the incumbent and be on the November ballot.

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