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Spanish Closed Captioning

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Spanish Closed Captioning
TTV is a new service that improves the viewing of television by Hispanics that have difficulty with the English language.  We do this by using patented machine language software to convert English closed captions (for the hearing impaired) into Spanish subtitles in real time!
How it Works
The Spanish subtitles appear on closed caption field #2 and/or 3, in real time, on all the locally produced news, weather and sports programming. 
No additional equipment is required in the viewers’ home because TTV is embedded in the VBI and travels as part of the original signal. All the viewer has to do is change the menu setting on their television set from cc#1 to cc#2 and/or cc#3. Having Spanish on cc#2/3 does not impact the English viewer on cc#1! The English viewer does not see the Spanish subtitles, while the Hispanic viewer sees exactly what the English speaking viewer sees, except there are Spanish subtitles with full audio.
The cc settings can be changed directly from the television remote (not the cable remote) or, if there is not a button on the remote, by changing the cc settings in the Menu.  Again, the menu using the television remote, not the cable remote.

Click here for more information and an example of how it works.

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