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Dave Courvoisier, Anchor

Senator Reid Visits Hurricane Damaged Areas

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Senators from all over the country, including Nevada's Senator Harry Reid, focused their attention on the plight of Hurricane Katrina victims on Friday.

They're traveling together and pledging a bipartisan recovery effort. Senate Majority Leader Bill First of Tennessee and Minority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada toured New Orleans along with Senate colleagues from both sides of the aisle.

First said they'll be making sure that "further resources" are made available to rebuild the region. But he says that will be done in a "fiscally responsible way."

Reid was in good company in the morning as the group greeted the media. He said the most pressing need is to take care of the victims.

Reid said, "We have to help them and help them now, this isn't a time for speeches, this isn't a time for a lot of fanfare, we have people who need help. We were told by the Mayor of New Orleans today that the kids can't go to school here till January. We don't even know how many dead people there are yet and we know that there are a lot of sick people - so the main thing the federal government needs to do is stop talking and really do something."

Senator Reid pointed out that there is a lot of similarities between Las Vegas, and New Orleans, including the fact that they're both built in unlikely places. New Orleans below the water line, and Las Vegas without much water but that New Orleans still needs to be rebuilt.

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