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Dave Courvoisier, Anchor

Early Morning Convoy South of New Orleans

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Southern Nevada's Task Force One has been on the job in storm-torn southern Louisiana for more than a week now. Dave Courvoisier and photojournalist Adam White traveled with them on a rescue mission where no crews had been before.

Dave Courvoisier describes, "We're in an early morning convoy headed to some lowland communities south of New Orleans. A National Guard unit is tagging along as manpower, but we don't get too far. A hazardous sulfur fire stops us about halfway to our destination, and we have to turn back and wait.

"It's frustrating for this team, which has successfully rescued people every day. When we finally realize the day's mission is unreachable, we turn our cameras to the indescribable destruction around us.

"This house is moved twenty feet and hangs into a ditch still deep with floodwater. These huge river barges were tossed up on the levy like toys, and small communities up and down this road are wiped out. We asked one of the former residents here where he mobile home is now."

The former resident said, "The frame of the mobile home is wrapped around the tree and the telephone poles."

"The woman also tells us she did not have insurance, and doesn't know where she plans to relocate."

Anchor Dave Courvoisier says they'll be out again with Task Force One Wednesday to try to reach their mission.

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