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Non-Profits Depend on Sales From Fireworks

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Given our valley's high fire threat during summer, the day may come when Nevada joins other states that have banned the use of all fireworks on the 4th of July. But for now, hundreds of non-profit groups in Southern Nevada depend on the sale of legal fireworks each year to help fund their organizations.

Street corners around the valley are becoming a flurry of activity as hundreds of non-profit groups prepare for the first day of legal fireworks sales on June 28th.

Fireworks have become big business for many non-profit groups in the valley that generally receive 40-percent of the proceeds from their sales. 

The Rebel Select Soccer Club will be operating five stands throughout the valley this year. But before their doors open for business Tuesday morning, the club has already sold more than $30,000 worth of fireworks in pre-sales orders.

Nicole Dunn, soccer club spokesperson, said, "And the girls will sell another 30 to 40 thousand dollars worth on top of that." Dunn says the youth club has come to depend on its yearly fireworks fundraiser to cover costly tournament fees and travel expenses.

Dunn said, "Because there are girls in our club who would not be able to play an organized sport if it wasn't for this type of fundraiser. Because you make so much money in such a short amount of time it's huge."

But in a desert community where the fire threat is so severe during the summer, will the day come when Nevada joins the list of other states that have banned the use of all fire works?

Bob Leinbach, with the Clark County Fire Department, said, "I can't even begin to answer that question. It's more of a political situation. Our biggest concern is illegal fireworks and the mis-using of legal fireworks."

And that's why the non-profit group, Rebel Select Soccer Club, says it doesn't sell fireworks to minors and provides important safety information to the families who buy from their stands.

Six states, including Arizona, have now banned all fireworks on 4th of July. And some non-profit organizations, including the Boy Scouts, have adopted national by-laws prohibiting the sale of fireworks as a fundraiser.

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