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George Knapp, I-Team Reporter

UFO Group Calls for Congressional Hearings

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Nevada has long been a hotbed of alleged UFO activity. The fact that most UFOs can be explained as conventional objects or phenomena hasn't stopped the wild stories. Today in Washington, a UFO group called for congressional hearings into flying saucers.

George Knapp -- who has done a few UFO stories of his own over the years -- tells why he thinks this call for action is a bad idea.

Far be it from yours truly to discourage a good UFO yarn. Back in the late '80s, our reports about alleged extraterrestrial hardware out at Groom Lake helped to put Area 51 on the map. The faithful are still making pilgrimages into the desert to see what they can see.

The vast majority of UFO sightings are easily explainable. A handful are not. Opinion polls show that most people are at least open to the idea that something really is going on. And it isn't at all hard to believe the government might lie to us about something like this, since it lies so often about matters far more mundane.

No one can say with any certainty whether the few unexplained cases represent space aliens or time travelers or interdimensional visitors or -- perish the thought -- something far less exciting, like an undiscovered scientific phenomena. Whatever it is, a lot of people would like to get a better handle on it, so the idea of congressional hearings carries a certain amount of appeal. It isn't going to happen. Not in the foreseeable future.

The country held such hearings twice back in the '60s, but since then, the whole subject of "ufology" has been so thoroughly discredited because of the wackos who claim they visited Venus, or the conspiracy nuts who weave fantastic tales of treaties we've signed with reptilian UFO-nauts, or tabloid style fantasies about the girl who gave birth to 52 UFO babies.

That brings us to the folks behind this Washington news conference. They want congressional hearings into UFOs, and they presented some credible witnesses to tell about an alleged UFO cover up. The problem is, the people who set this event up are as fringe as it gets.

The primary organizer has long claimed that he can summon UFOs at will, merely by going outside and using a flashlight. What congressman in his right political mind is going to embrace that? Not if he ever wants to seek re-election. Worse yet, this event will, in all likelihood, put the kibosh on delicate negotiations that have been under way for many months to hold limited-scope UFO hearings. Kiss that one goodbye.

Congressmen, already skittish about the idea, are scattering. UFO hearings would be interesting, although its doubtful they would solve the mystery to anyone's satisfaction. But will they happen in the foreseeable future? Don't hold your breath.

-- I'm George Knapp.

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