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Luxor Light Attracts Moth Phenomenon

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It's a light that attracts millions of visitors each year on the south end of the Strip. But this year there's an added attraction. Thousands, maybe millions, of moths are flying into the Luxor light each evening. It's an annual site made more spectacular this year because of our very wet winter.

Agriculturist Shirlene Wayland explains why this light attracts the bugs. "They're attracted to the ultra violet, short wave length light. It's just something typical moths are used to doing."

But while it's typical for moths to be attracted to light, Wayland says the fact that we've had an abundance of rain this past winter adds to their swarm. "Yes, it does because of the moisture that's available, and the plant growth. The circumstances are very good for their development and reproduction."

Although it's unknown as to the type of moths, Wayland says these moths typically do not cause any damage. "The adults do no damage. If it is the noctuidae family , the larvae can do some damage in allocated situations.

She's speaking about damage such as feeding on plant material. But there are no health risks.

Agriculturist Shirlene Wayland says, "It's not a health risk. There's nothing to be controlled it's just a phenomenon that will be gone."

But Wayland say the moths will be around for the next few weeks. "It varies. It's difficult to predict, but I think we should probably expect to see things flying to all different kinds of light for the next month or two, probably."

Wayland does says that once our temperatures begin to get warmer, the moths will be gone. "Usually when the spring is done, all the vegetation starts to dry, then you see less of it."

The Nevada State Agriculture Department says currently there are no measures being taken to control the moths at the Luxor.  

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