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Devin Gets a Forever Family, and a New Name

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The best Wednesday's Child story we could possibly bring you is the story of a successful adoption, and that's our story today. Of course, it's even better for the child getting a permanent home, and that child is Devin.

Back in September of 2003, Devin told Dave he loved racing cars, go-carts, basketball, soccer, and football. At the time Dave and Devin were putting at Scandia. 

Now cut to their next meeting a couple of weeks ago were Devin's come up in the world. Now he's putting at Silverstone, he has a permanent family, and a new self-chosen name.

"He just told me, 'I want to be Joseph'. And that's the way he said it," explains Hanah, his foster mother.

Now, Hanah is Joseph's adoptive mom. She's not really a new mom 'cause Hanah and her husband, along with other children of their own, have had Joseph in their home for the last five years. They've been his foster family, and just decided they couldn't let him go.

"I felt a lot of compassion for Joseph. Ya know these poor little kids have to go through so much. It's bad enough, ya know, but the more and more you've had these children, you just can't help but love them more and more as each day passes," Hanah said.

Clearly Joseph is thriving in Hanah's home. He's doing well in school, making lots of friends and is earning his black belt in karate. He's happier than he's ever been and Hanah now knows it was meant to be.

"Along the way I told him a few times that I would like to -- for the last, I don't know year and a half. I've told him, 'Gee ya know, sometimes I think I would just like to keep you as my own son. Ya know?'  And he make comments like, 'Why don't ya.' I'm like, 'Well, only God knows if we're the right family or if there's another right family maybe even better for you than we are for you.' 'Cause I didn't know what was going to happen, ya know. So I wanted him to feel real good about it," explains Hanah.

The finalization of Joseph's new name and his adoption come up before a judge in the very near future.

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