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Holiday Tipping Guide

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With the arrival of the holiday season, many people may be wondering what is an appropriate tip for someone who provides a service. Here's some helpful tips on tipping from Emily Post.

Regular babysitters: One night's pay plus a small gift from your child.

Day care workers: $25 to $70 for each staff member who works with your child and a small gift from your child.

Teacher: $25 - $100: A gift certificate is always appropriate. If you know the teacher's hobbies or interests, such as a gift certificate to the local movie theater, hobby shop, mall or restaurant.

Home health employees: A thoughtful gift from you or donation to the agency. Check with the agency first about gifts/tipping policies.

Housekeeper/cleaner: Up to the amount of one week's pay and/or a small gift.

Personal trainer: Up to the cost of one session or a gift.

Pet groomer: Up to the cost of one session or a gift.

Pool cleaner: The cost of one cleaning to be split among the crew.

Mail carrier: No cash allowed. They can accept gifts of up to $20 in value which can include snacks or beverages.

Newspaper delivery person: $10 to $30.

Hair salon staff/barber: The cost of one salon visit divided for each staff member who works with you.

Yard/garden worker: From $20 to $50 each.

Trash/Recycling collectors: Cash or small gift from $10 to $30.




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