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Driving You Crazy: Visibility at Reunion and Anthem

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HENDERSON, Nev. - A Henderson resident says it’s nearly impossible to turn right onto Anthem Parkway from eastbound Reunion Drive. A large community sign blocks the view of many drivers. The viewer asks if the sign can be moved to improve visibility.

Henderson officials say traffic engineers have reviewed this location several times. The city states there is enough distance to safely turn onto the roadway, despite the sign.

Henderson traffic engineers say the sign is at least 350 feet outside the travel lane. They say that's enough room for drivers to make a safe turn when turning right on red.

They also suggest if a driver feels uncomfortable turning on red, the driver should wait until the signal turns green before proceeding.

Henderson are, however, addressing a hedge that is located next to the sign that could restrict visibility.

City officials contacted the community association and asked to have the hedge removed.

What's driving you crazy? Send your traffic questions and complaints to Demetria Obilor.

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