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More bus stops to get shelter from scorching sun

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LAS VEGAS -- Most people wouldn't want to stand outside in the hot Las Vegas sun on a summer day, but some bus riders don't have a choice.

There are around 1,200 bus stops in southern Nevada that do not provide any shelter or shade making it nearly unbearable for bus riders.

"It's really hot and just having the sun on you, is burning," said Gabriela Amaya, a bus rider.

 "I've already had skin cancer once," said Valeria Flatto, another bus rider.

The Regional Transportation Commission maintains bus stops in southern nevada. Manager Carl Scarborough says out of the more 3,100 bus stops in southern Nevada, about 1,200 do not have shelters. He says nearly half of those are located in areas where there isn't enough room from a shelter.

"We have about 600 stops where we could install a shelter behind the sidewalk and we haven't done that yet so that's on our list going forward. Keep in mind, some of those 600 don't have, they don't have high rider ship, or a high number of people boarding the bus there so they not all get one, Scarborough said.

He says, over the next three years, about 400 to 450 shelters will be installed. Federal money will cover most of the price tag. rider ship at each bus stop will help decide which ones get that much needed shade that riders want.

"They can put big casinos up but they don't have enough money to put up a little little something for the people waiting for the bus," said Colleen O'Leary, a bus rider.

Amaya is fortunate to use a bus stop with a shelter.

"This one's good because it keeps the sun away from us and we don't burn to death," she said.

By the end of the year, it's expected there will be another 150 shelters. The cost for each shelter is around $14,000.


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