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Worries about safety follow shooting at Fashion Show Mall

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LAS VEGAS -- Police are still searching for the person who took out a handgun and shot another man in the neck in Fashion Show Mall.

It happened Tuesday evening. Everyone involved took off after the gun shot.

Metro Police were able to track down the victim at the hospital and found his friends on a nearby road but say officers have no new leads so far.

The victim will not cooperate, refusing to give up his name or any information. Police say the shooting was gang related and no one outside the fighting groups was targeted.

Many shoppers say it is enough to question their security on the Strip and to wonder if anywhere is safe.

If you're on the Las Vegas Strip you see police, surveillance cameras and hotel security everywhere. Metro says it is one of the most protected areas in the country.

Experts say despite the best efforts, not everything can be prevented but in southern Nevada agencies have plans for the worst-case scenarios.

A shooting from one car into another led to an explosion and three people dead on the Strip February of last year.

This year, two police officers were ambushed and killed as they were eating lunch.

This week, two groups with gang ties fought in Fashion Show Mall. One of them was shot in the neck.

Police say no shoppers were targeted, but it hasn’t stopped people from being concerned about the violence.

“It kind of makes you feel unsafe, bottom line. And you see it a lot more,” Maurice Sims, who is visiting from California, said.

“It is scary that that is happening and to be walking around not knowing what's going on,” Katie Guarino, who is visiting from Boston, said.

Emergencies from shootings to earthquakes can happen but Las Vegas Fire and Rescue spokesperson Tim Szymanski says the area is safer than most of the country thanks to a unique amount of cooperation and communication between agencies.

“There is probably not a better community in the nation to be in than the Las Vegas valley,” Szymanski said.

Clark County, city of Las Vegas and state agencies can all patch into each other's radio and telephone lines and the local agencies cooperate on a regular basis on many kinds of emergencies.

Szymanski says it is almost like practice.

“When we do have that big incident, everybody knows everybody. We know what we are supposed to do,” Szymanski said.

He says agencies need to be ready for anything when it comes to the public's safety.

“This on the Strip was a shocker to me. Right at Fashion Show Mall? We were like, ‘wow,’” Sims said.

Experts say there are ways to protect yourself in any emergency: be aware of your surroundings, look for exits and have a cell phone to call for help.

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