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Security trainer has advice on shootings in public places

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LAS VEGAS -- When shots are fired in a public place, security personnel are often the first line of defense. Many security personnel opt to get training to handle these kinds of situations.

Metro Police say security guards did a great job during the situation at the Fashion Show Mall Tuesday afternoon.

They called immediately and helped point officers in the direction of the shooter. Security experts say with the right training, workers in all malls can help keep people safe, if bullets fly.

Thinking about a worst-case scenario is Doron Benbenisty's job.

"Shots fired. I see a wall. I draw my weapon. I conceal it. I don't want to freak out the crowd." Benbenisty said.

Through Crisis Response International, Benbenisty spends his life teaching security guards and police officers what to look for, when shots are fired.

“As much as you want to go and take part of the action, you stay here and you check, you check," Benbenisty said.

Benbenisty specializes in teaching store security guards to carefully scout a potential shooting situation, while staying low to the ground.

"If you remain low to the floor, your chance to get shot is minimized," Benbenisty said.

He also trains mall security guards to look at everything from where people may be running to how they can respond when going face to face with a shooter.

Since most people do not have formal defensive training, they wonder what to do when bullets fly. Some Fashion Show Mall employees said they didn't know what to do.

"I was just like, ‘do I run, or do I stay?’" mall employee Kimberly Garcia said.

Garcia stayed but she says others decided to flee.

"Everybody just ran away," Garcia said.

If you're a customer or worker caught in a shooting situation,Benbenisty says don't run. Instead, he says you should get low to the ground, cover your head and keep your hands empty, when police arrive.

"Empty hand, the only thing you should hold is your loved one or your child," Benbenisty said

Benbenisty says while no one expects to be stuck in a shooting situation; he wants people to be prepared to survive the unexpected.

A spokeswoman for Fashion Show Mall says they do not discuss the specifics of their security measures because they say it could compromise safety. However, their security personnel are trained to handle all kinds of scenarios.

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