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City council votes in more restrictions on alcohol sales

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LAS VEGAS - The Las Vegas City Council voted to add more restrictions to alcohol sales on Fremont Street. It is already illegal to open package liquor and drink it on the street. It also against city rules to have alcohol in open metal or glass containers. Drinks must be served in a paper or plastic cup.

Under rules passed Wednesday afternoon, stores that sell packaged liquor must now put it into a separate bag that will have to be sealed with the receipt attached to it. There will also be signs put up around the Fremont Street Experience explaining the laws and the penalties for breaking the city ordinance.

The city council decided against punishing people who purchase and open alcohol on the street with a misdemeanor charge. Instead, the council decided that police can simply confiscate the alcohol; however, that is at the discretion of the officer.  

"I feel much better with the criminal penalties removed. It will give the officer a discretion to be able to warn somebody but if it looks like there is no question about the fact that they intended to drink on the street with the stuff, they will confiscate it," City Councilman Bob coffin said.

Many on the council were concerned a misdemeanor charge would hurt tourism downtown.

The new restrictions are the latest effort by city leaders to cut down on rowdy, drunken behavior on Fremont Street Experience. Critics say the rules unfairly targets souvenir stores and not the bars set up on the street by hotels on Fremont Street.

The council also asked for a monthly report on the new restrictions and at six months will review if the restrictions are improving the situation.


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