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Police urge vigilance against summer crimes

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NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. - Summer is a busy time of year for police. Every summer, police departments across the valley see a spike in crime, including home and vehicle break-ins.

North Las Vegas Police Sgt. Chrissie Coon says people invite criminals by leaving their garage doors open, their cars unlocked or their vehicle windows down.

Sgt. Coon says these types of crimes are difficult to solve, because there is little to no evidence left behind.

Police ask the public to be proactive, especially if a home is left unoccupied.

“You want to set your house up to make it look like somebody is there. You can put your lamps or your television on timers. You can have kind of like a remote control dog barking, so if somebody knocks at the door, it will sound like a dog is in the home," she said.

Coon says if you go on vacation, discontinue your mail or have a trusted neighbor pick it up. Stacked mail is a clear indication that no one is home.

Don't advertise on social media that you're going away. Police say criminals tend to be Internet savvy.

Communities around the valley, meanwhile, are taking matters into their own hands. Nextdoor.com is an online social network that aims to build stronger and safer neighborhoods.

Nextdoor is available online and as a smart phone app. The service acts like a neighborhood watch. You and your neighbors can create your own private neighborhood group online and chat about what's going on in your community.

North Las Vegas Police recently started using Nextdoor to connect with residents. Sgt. Coon says many homeowners have been using the website for awhile.

With North Las Vegas Police on board, Coon says it will be easier to relay important public safety information to those who need it.

“We really just want to see more people getting involved,” she said. “We're always recruiting new neighborhood watch walk captains to really get their neighborhood involved, and start organizing some events in their neighborhoods, to get people involved, and also just that constant communication with the police department."

Nextdoor.com is not only for fighting crime; neighbors can share community events and activities or report lost pets.

Another way to stay updated on what's going on in your neighborhood is through AlertID. Every police department in the valley uses the app to send important crime information.

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