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Battle brewing over a bridge in North Las Vegas

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LAS VEGAS -- There is a battle brewing over a bridge in North Las Vegas.

One community is upset at the way they found out about a change in their neighborhood. Residents say they were not warned about the construction of a pedestrian bridge that is happening right now.

People who live in the neighborhood were given fliers asking neighbors to call the city of North Las Vegas, call the builders and call 8 News NOW to get help to stop construction of the bridge.

There is a lot of noisy activity around this neighborhood near Losee Road and Plumeria Avenue. Cars zoom by on the main drag and Nellis Air Force Base is just a short flight away.

Sabrina Kortekaas lives in the neighborhood and says they were advised of the noise from the base and the busy street, but what they were not advised of was the hammering in of a new bridge.

The city of North Las Vegas planned to build a pedestrian bridge beginning in 2011 before these houses were purchased. Yet the people who live here say no one told them, not the builder, not the homeowners association and not the city until the ground breaking began three weeks ago.

"We were told there would be nothing behind us and the home value is...,” neighbor Art Mattox said.

When the city bridge is finished, this community is worried about their privacy and property values, as the bridge looks like it is right above the backyard walls.

“I'm going to have to sell the house. I've only been here a couple years but we're losing our privacy as soon as this bridge goes up," one neighbor said.

8 News NOW talked with the division president for Lennar Homes off camera. He says Lennar Homes was not involved with the bridge design but did promote the trail system to which the bridge is connected.

8 News NOW reached out to the city of North Las Vegas but it is closed on Fridays. The city’s director of public works said the department is raising money to plant tall, mature trees to block the view from passers-by.

After hearing complaints from neighbors, the director said screens would also be installed.

"But that is still not going to cover the issue of securing our privacy and our home values," Kortekaas said.

Right now, that is the only agreement. Neighbors are hoping more is done to protect their backyards.

The bridge leads to an empty field on the east side of Losee Road. The city says it will attach to the existing trail and there are schools nearby, so kids could use it to get to the school.

Construction is expected to go on for another seven months.

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