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Sinkhole opens near Flamingo and Koval

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LAS VEGAS -- Sinkholes are usually found near ocean coasts, but one opened up Monday on a Las Vegas street. Water erosion broke a hole through the street near Flamingo Road and Koval Lane.

The streets east of the Las Vegas Boulevard have been plagued with water problems over the years. floodwaters used to rush through the parking lot of the Imperial Palace. In 2012, UNLV's parking lot flooded. A few weeks ago the LINQ looked like a pond.

The sinkhole measuring two feet by one foot appeared on Monday afternoon on Albert Avenue.

 "We have been in there putting flood control in," said Erin Neff, Clark County Regional Flood Control District.

The flood control district finished a $6.8 million storm drain project last month. It should clear up some of the flooding issues that tend to happen in that area.

The sinkhole was caused when an underground pipe burst.

"The leak we had yesterday was on the three-quarter inch service lateral. That's a smaller diameter line that connects the water main to the water meters for our customers," said Bronson Mack, Las Vegas Valley Water District.

Mack said the agency often has to repair old pipes due to corrosive soil, the heat and overuse.

"When water demands go up, you're going to see more leaks and potential for more leaks and in fact we see that in summertime. We call summertime leak season," Mack said.

The likelihood of a hole opening up that could swallow a building Las Vegas is doubtful.

"No, thank goodness. It doesn't seem like we're susceptible to those kinds of sinkholes. It seems like what we see here in the valley are much smaller in nature and they're usually caused by some kind of underground water activity," Mack said.

No matter how small a sinkhole is, experts say don't drive through it.

"It's generally not a good idea. You don't know how deep the water is but more importantly you don't know what's in that water," Neff said.

The Las Vegas Valley Water District has systems in place for emergency fixes. The sinkhole is no more. It was repaired a few hours after it was reported.



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