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Low water levels change launch ramps at Lake Mead

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LAKE MEAD, Nev. -- The National Park Service is expecting 100,000 visitors to Lake Mead over the Fourth of July weekend, which is why it released new ramp conditions for the lake.

Due to low-lake levels, all launch ramps, except for Boulder Harbor, are launching on pipe mat or concrete planks. Here are specific instructions for each launch area:
  • Hemenway Harbor: 2 lanes, launching on pipe mat.
  • Boulder Harbor: 6 lanes, good launching on concrete ramp. Wakeless zone until exit of harbor.
  • Callville Bay: 4 lanes (2 on pipe mat, 2 on concrete planks). Parking is now available at the main ramp.
  • Echo Bay: 4 lanes, launching on concrete planks.
  • Temple Bar: 2 lanes, launching on pipe mat.
  • South Cove, 1 lane launching on pipe mat. Parking is now available closer to the water.
All launch ramps are operating as normal at Lake Mohave.

The park service also want people to keep an eye on the weather because of the possibility of monsoons.

"For the Fourth of July weekend, there is a 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms, and monsoon season brings a lot of hazards: flash flooding, high winds, and dangerous conditions out on the lake, so we really want people to keep an eye on the weather," Christie Vanover with Lake Mead National Recreation Area said.

The park service is also warning people that beaches at the lake are muddier than usual because of the low water levels. Clumps of quagga mussels can be found on beaches and rocks. The shells are very sharp, so the park service is advising people to wear shoes.

Rangers are also reminding people that no fireworks, including sparklers, are allowed within the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Wood and charcoal fires are allowed in grills at developed picnic areas or campgrounds. 

They are also reminding people to always wear a life jacket while swimming at the lake.

"A lot of people just don't know the rules. You can't just go out to the lake, and expect to rent a boat or rent a SeaDoo and just go crazy on it. You've got to abide by the rules, and pay attention. Study up before you come out," boater Jeff Smith said.

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