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7/02/14 Chelsea -- at 16 -- Still Hopes for a Family of Her Own

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 Wednesday's Child today is a 16-yr-old with lots going for her.   She's got it all:  brains, looks, talent, and a great attitude.   What she doesn't have is a forever family... And we're hoping someone watching today can change that.

Chelsea's eyes grew wide inside the Sephora beauty shop...   One of her dreams is to move to New York city and be a model, and it's easy to see how that could happen.

Chelsea excels at all she does... Let's start with sports:

"Track and basketball are my favorite sports," admits Chelsea.

She loves hiking and swimming, too.  Then there's her favorite subject, math:

"Math yeah I mean it's hard but I like the challenge, yeah," says Chelsea

Chelsea also has a flair for the stage, acting and singing, and so as outgoing as she is, you'd never guess she's had to overcome some hard circumstances that put her in foster care.

"Nothing that's been her fault, and she's been resilient. She stays focused and she doesn't let a lot of things cloud her you know her mind," says Cindy, her case worker.

At 16 many foster kids might give up on adoption...but not Chelsea...she wants a home.

"I just want to find a family somewhere where like when I'm off to college like during christmas break I can come back," says Chelsea.

"If she had a family that encouraged her, worked with her, love her… and she is going to go on and she can achieve I think almost anything she wants, and I think education is a high priority for her," adds Cindy.

"I am very outgoing. I'm not perfect but I think I'm worth a home… a family (pause) I'm getting teary," says Chelsea, her voice cracking a little.

 "She's special, she's a special child and I've been this profession a long time and and she's she will just grab your heart she will," remarks Cindy.

Chelsea is free and clear for adoption.   To find out how to begin being her family, contact the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.
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