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Newest water park, Cowabunga Bay, set to open next week

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HENDERSON, Nev. -- The opening of Cowabunga Bay, the first water park to ever be built in Henderson, is just one week from opening.

The opening has been delayed a number of times and from the outside it looks like there's still plenty of construction going on. However, the developers say the work is on schedule.

Thursday, 8 News NOW got an exclusive tour of what's happening inside this attraction that many people have been waiting for. The general manager says despite the delays, the opening date of July 4 will remain in place and he can't wait to let visitors into the $25 million attraction that he says is built just for locals.

Walking through the entrance of the long awaited Cowabunga Bay, the general manager and owner Shane Huish says after years of planning and construction, opening day is finally near.

"This is the last portion of the park where they are pouring concrete," Huish said.

Even though there are still plenty of construction crews, trucks and materials throughout this 23-acre property, which is off Galleria Drive and U.S. 95, Cowabunga Bay is coming together. Slides are now in place and a giant wave pool that looks like a drive-in theater is ready to go.

"It's the drive-in but the ‘r’ has fallen off the sign, so everything will have sort of a fun spin to it," Huish said.

The giant chute called Zuma Zooma is a slide where riders have to climb up seven stories, then before they drop there is a countdown.

"It will drop you 40 feet, 80 degrees fall into a horizontal loop. It is awesome," Huish said.

Most of the slides are still being worked on, but the lazy river, which is the longest in the state, is up and working.

"I get excited every time I walk in here and see things change," Huish said.

Huish remains optimistic even after the park missed its opening date several times due to change of ownerships and construction issues.

He says next Friday, Cowabunga Bay will open as planned and all 500 workers are getting their final training to serve visitors he hopes will keep coming back long past this summer.

"We are here for the long haul. We are now part of Las Vegas. This is for locals, ‘locals only’ I say," Huish said.

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