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6/25/14 Sophia and Lillia: Bonded Sisters in Search of a Forever Family

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 Wednesday's Child today comes to us in the form of a pair of sisters who are about as cute as the day is long.   Dave Courvoisier introduces us to Sophia and Lillia.

Hang onto your hats while we chase these two girls all over the Bounce-U place in Henderson.  

Lillia is the older sister at 8, and Sophia the younger of the two at 6... And they've learned that in life,  each other is all they've really got.

"The girls have had a hard time. They are very bonded with each other because of it, so they, they have this neat connection and we definitely want to keep them together," says Becky, their case-worker.

Even though she's older, Lillia often lets her sister take the lead...

"She kinda looks out for her little sister, but when you get her younger sister talking, she won't stop (laughs) she's just really cute and she has a lot to say, so I think that's Lillia might just stand back a little bit, and be a little bit more quiet," adds Becky.

Sophia is every bit the sprite she appears to be.

"Sophia loves to play outside, they both love to color, her very favorite thing right now is make up. Can we put makeup on? Why do you have makeup on? Can I put makeup on you?" remarks Becky.

While both girls have a lot of character and spunk...what they really need is love and stability.

"Foster home they're in is doing wonderful, but we were thinking maybe if we can choose our perfect home, that might be a great thing if they had, if they could be the center of attention. They need to stay together. They need a family that has patience and that will just stick it out, there's probably going to be some hard times and some good times and some loving times and they just need a family that will stick through it with them and be there for them," says Becky.

Lillia and Sophia are ready and open for adoption.   If you think there might be room in your home for these two, please call the local office of the Adoption Exchange now to get started in the process.   436-6335.
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