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Organizers hope town hall helps community heal

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LAS VEGAS -- Police and pastors want to see how people are feeling after the shooting rampage that left five people dead, including two police officers.

They got a chance to find out during a town hall meeting Tuesday in the northeast part of the Las Vegas valley.

Metro also used the opportunity to remind the community if they see something, they need to say something, which is a decision that could potentially save lives.

For three hours, the conversation in the room was about the aftermath of the shooting on June 8. Police say they continue to do their best to protect the community, in which many are still fearful a tragedy like this could happen again.

Less than three weeks ago, the CiCi's Pizza on Nellis Boulevard and Stewart Avenue was a crime scene, where two police officers were shot and killed.

The restaurant is back open, but it was nearly empty Tuesday. Among the diners, 19-year-old Jory Hanselic, who says a lot of people are still scared.

"Because people know what happened in there, it changed the vibe there, you know, it is just sad come to this I guess," Hanselic said.

At East Vegas Christian Center just a few miles down the road, a number of community leaders came together at a town hall meeting to address the community's concern following the shooting.

Pastor Troy Martinez is the organizer. He says many people have told him a crime like this is hard to comprehend.

"This shakes the foundation of the community. This is one of the reasons we need to talk about it have a conversation," Pastor Martinez said.

Metro Deputy Chief Tom Roberts was among those taking part in the town hall. He says even though crime is down across the Las Vegas valley compared to five years ago, the shooting that killed two officers and a civilian can make the area appear much more dangerous.

"Perception is reality. If the public doesn't feel safe, we have responsibility to make them feel safe," Roberts said.

Roberts says about 200 officers are currently patrolling the northeast valley. There are no plans to add more until Metro can get more funding.

His advice now to the community is to keep an eye on each other and if you see something, suspicious let authorities know immediately.

“If we have opportunity to intervene before somebody commits the crime, that is our goal," Roberts said.

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