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PD: Amanda, Jerad Miller 'heavily' armed, wore diapers

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LAS VEGAS -- Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie detailed some of what happened inside the Walmart store on Nellis Boulevard and Stewart Avenue the day two armed people shot two police officers and one civilian.

Sheriff Gillespie said Jerad and Amanda Miller were well armed and ready to kill as many cops as they could. He said they had several weapons and armor-piercing ammunition. They also grabbed two weapons from the officers they shot at CiCi’s Pizza Restaurant.

According to Gillespie, they also appeared to be ready to “hunker down” in the store, because they were wearing adult diapers and had military-style food rations, known as "Meals Ready to Eat" or MREs.

Gillespie said that the first officer on the scene was Officer Brett Brosnahan. Brosnahan found officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo dead inside the restaurant. He was told by witnesses that the two suspects had run across the street to Walmart.

Inside the Walmart, witnesses say Jerad Miller yelled, “The revolution has started. The cops are coming. Get out!” When only a few people responded, he fired a round into the ceiling, and people ran out of the store.

One of the victims, Joseph Wilcox, was waiting in line at the customer service counter, when Jerad Miller came into the store. Wilcox took out his concealed weapon and pointed his gun at Jerad Miller. Wilcox did not realize that Amanda Miller was part of the incident and was armed. She shot and killed Wilcox, police said.

Once inside the store, the Millers went to the sporting goods section, broke open the ammunition display case and stole several more rounds.

Meanwhile, Ofc. Brosnahan headed to the back of the store, where the suspects were, in an attempt to stop them. He confronted Amanda Miller, who fired a shot at him. Ofc. Brosnahan shot back, hitting her in the shoulder.

Ofc. Brosnahan alerted other officers about the situation inside the store. A team of officers entered the store and engaged the Millers, who relocated to the automotive department.

When the officers arrived, police say Jerad Miller yelled at the officers, “Stand down! You have failed. I’m in charge now.”

At that point, a firefight started between the Millers and police that lasted about 15 minutes. Jerad Miller tried to put items around Amanda, who was on the ground because of the wound to her shoulder, to protect her.

According to the sheriff, Miller moved into the officers’ line of fire enough for one of the officers to shoot him in the chest. Jerad fell to the ground and talked briefly to Amanda. She fired rounds at him with her handgun, but did not hit him, then shot herself in the head.

Jerad was pronounced dead at the scene. Amanda was taken to University Medical Center where she died.

Police say the Millers fired 36 rounds at officers inside the Walmart. Metro Police fired 16 rounds.

Homicide detectives are still investigating the incident. The department’s internal affairs team is also investigating the officers’ use of force. The sheriff is also looking at the policies and tactics used that day.

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