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Should Teachers Be Tested For Drug Use?

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(Nov. 17) -- Since the citing of a Silverado High School teacher for possession of marijuana, one of the questions being asked is whether teachers are tested for drugs before hiring. It turns out that they are not. And some people are saying the policy sends out a mixed message.

Silverado High School student, Dominique Gloude says, "I think they should test them. I think if they test college athletes for drugs, I think they should be testing our teachers."

Many students like Gloude say teachers should be drug tested because it's a double standard that students are encouraged to be drug-free. Parents agree.

One parent, Vivian Chase, said, "If you are being hired at any other job, you are being tested. And teachers are more important because everyday they are with our kids."

But the Clark County School District says that the process of drug testing teachers is costly and doesn't necessarily prevent drug use. "If you have a drug test on that particular day, that person did not have drugs in their system that day. If we tested after they are hired, it is a violation of the Fourth Amendment," said Georgeann Rice, with CCSD.

Silverado High School parents aren't just concerned about the no drug screening policy at the school district. Some say that the schools should know what these teachers are doing outside of classes.

Jim Fuller said, "I want to know why someone who is the manager of a triple-x motel, which everyone knows what that means, why is this guy at a school?"

But the school district says it's difficult to monitor teachers behavior outside of classes. And the best they can do is question teachers' if there is suspicious behavior on, or off of campus.

There are more than 30,000 Clark County School District employees. And the district says it is difficult to know what all those employees are doing on their free time.

Clark County school bus drivers and school police officers are screened for drugs before they are hired.

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  • Should Teachers Be Tested For Drug Use?
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