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Officer: 'Blanket of bees' killed police dog

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LAS VEGAS -- The Metro Police officer who lost one of the police dogs he handles in a bee attack spoke out Wednesday about what happened Tuesday morning.

Ofc. Mel English was stung at least 30 times as he tried to rescue police dog Mickey from a swarm of bees. Mickey received more than 100 stings and died from the injuries.

According to English, Mickey was in the backyard kennel with three other dogs, Roy, Rocky and Kai. English says he heard the dogs barking and when he looked outside to see what was wrong, he found hundreds of bees swarming over the dogs.

"I noticed Roy was running up and down the kennel scraping himself and Mickey was flicking his head and that's when I realized there was a small black cloud over the kennels," English said.

English raced outside, rescuing the dogs one by one. He started with the active officers, Roy and Rocky. He went back for Kai and Mickey.

The other dogs survived their injuries, but unfortunately, the stings were too much for Mickey.

"My best friend in my world is my wife. I actually saw Mickey more than her. You figure 40 hours a week in the truck and then the time you spend with them at home, they are your life," Ofc. English said.

English used his arm to scrape a blanket of bees off Mickey, while his three kids helped to fight the bees off of his body.

Mickey was 9 years old and had just retired in March. Ofc. English says Mickey kept him out of a very dangerous situation.

"He kept me from being in a shooting and kept the suspect from being able to engage me in the process," he said.

Kai and Rocky are expected to be okay. Roy is still being held for observation. In fact, English and Rocky will be out at the Electric Daisy Carnival music festival at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway this weekend.

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