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LV City Council passes new alcohol rules for Fremont St.

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LAS VEGAS -- The Las Vegas City Council passed a new ordinance that cracks down on alcohol sales in the downtown area.

Under the new rules, people will not be allowed to drink alcohol from anything but a plastic or paper cup under the Fremont Street Experience. The ordinance prohibits glass and metal containers, alcohol or otherwise, under the canopy.

The idea is people won't get as rowdy and police can control public intoxication better.

Street fights have resulted in tourists and locals getting assaulted. Videos found on YouTube show some of the fights which were caught on camera. One video shows a person involved in the fight with what appears to be a drink container of some kind in his hand.

Two people were wounded in a shooting on Fremont Street last summer. It is an image the city has been trying to clean up.

Locals like Espy Valladares, who works in the downtown area, have seen the fights up close. Valladares is in favor of the city council cracking down on alcohol to reduce bad behavior.

"I think it's really good, it makes it a lot safer down on Fremont, and therefore is doesn't cause any injuries, and people can just be more cautious with what they are doing,” Valladares said.

The new law goes into effect on Sunday.

A proposed change to a city ordinance that would force stores to bag up purchased liquor (by stapling it closed with a receipt at the top) has been pushed back to a later date.

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