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6/11/14 Eric Needs A Great Father Figure

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For a young man, the age between 10 and 13 is very formative.   This week's Wednesday's Child is right there. Dave Courvoisier introduces us to Eric, a guy who would really benefit from a forever home with strong father figure.

We're at the Monkey Gym this week, tumbling and doing challenging movements with Eric and some other kids.   He's the tall 11-yr-old with the big smile.   And his foster father says he's not shy at all, in fact, he's always making people smile.

"He's fun-loving energetic, comical kid," says Willy, Eric's Group Home Foster Father.

Eric does pretty well in school...likes science, and takes his studies seriously.

"Yes in my home is very structured so he does two hours of study time every day. Every day Monday through Friday," adds Willy.

When there's time for activities, Eric is all about sports.

"I don't know it's a tossup either football or basketball, I feel like he's better and basketball that he is in football but… natural speed," mentions Willy.

Eric is open to an adoption with brothers and sisters...but he needs to know what it's like to have a man around the house.

"The strongest figures in his life right now are probably females, with me being in that loop and his caseworker right now us being the only males besides his brothers so a father figure would be very important to him," says Willy.

With the right love and a home with structures, Eric will thrive.

"Eric… the sky's the limit for Eric, sky's the limit… he just has to be sure of himself. I think he has some insecurities that he needs to work with… and like I said sky's the limit for Eric," says Willy.

Eric has a sister he'd like to stay in touch with here in Southern Nevada, otherwise, he's free and clear for adoption.   Get started in the process by calling the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.

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