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Metro Police interacted with Millers 3 times before shooting

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Warning: The surveillance video released by police may be disturbing to some people

LAS VEGAS -- The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department released new details Wednesday morning about events surrounding Sunday’s shootings that resulted in the deaths of five people.

Metro says officers and detectives interacted with the assailants, Amanda Miller and Jerad Miller, three times prior to Sunday’s shootings.

Police say they were first alerted to Jerad Miller in February by the counter-terrorism task force after the Indiana Department of Motor Vehicles said he made threatening comments. Local police interviewed him at his home and found there was no cause for concern.

The second incident occurred in April, when police say the Millers were interviewed as witnesses to a domestic violence incident. Police say the Millers provided voluntary statements in that case.

The third interaction occurred in May, when police say they were called to investigate a sexual assault. Police say officers questioned the Millers, because an acquaintance of theirs was involved in the incident.

Metro says none of the Millers' actions in these incidents warranted further investigation.

Metro Police on Wednesday also showed video of the shootout inside the Walmart store on Nellis Boulevard and Stewart Avenue. Police did not release the section of the video showing Amanda Miller shooting and killing Joseph Wilcox, an armed bystander who was trying to stop the incident inside the store.

According to police, the shot that killed Jerad Miller came from a Metro Police officer. The video shows Amanda Miller firing a handgun at her husband, but police say those shots did not hit him. Police do not know which of the three officers that were involved in the shootout actually killed Miller.

"There is some very graphic video. Both at the Cici's location and at the Walmart location. The video shows you exactly how ruthless and cold blooded these murders were," Assistant Sheriff Kevin McMahill said.

In the video, Miller is seen putting items from the store shelves around Amanda Miller, because she had been hit by gunfire and police believe he was trying to put a protective barrier around her.

Police say the whole incident inside the Walmart store took about 15 minutes, but there is no timeline of events.

Metro says the suspects used three guns in the rampage. One was a Smith & Wesson 9 millimeter handgun that was not registered and was not stolen. The second weapon was a Ruger revolver, which was purchased by Amanda Miller. It also was not registered.

The third weapon was a Winchester pump-gage shotgun with a pistol grip. It was purchased in Indiana and was not stolen. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is working with Metro to investigate how the suspects got those weapons. Jerad Miller was a convicted felon, which means he is not allowed own firearms.

The deadly rampage left 41-year-old Ofc. Alyn Beck and 31-year-old Ofc. Igor Soldo dead. Police say the Millers shot and killed the officers while they were eating lunch at CiCi's Pizza restaurant across the street from Walmart.
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