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Roommate regrets not reporting suspects to police

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Kelly Fielder Kelly Fielder
LAS VEGAS -- At least one person suspected Jerad and Amanda Miller were planning something dangerous Sunday morning, their roommate Kelly Fielder.

Fielder says she saw the couple leave the apartment that morning and regrets she didn't report Jerad's threats to kill police officers. She says she didn't take him seriously, but now she feels somewhat responsible for the deaths of five people.

“A buttload of armor. They had the AR-1, which was in a gun case, he had two guns here. She had a .38 in her purse and a .45. I don't know what guns that they used to do all this madness. I don't know what guns they used, but that's what they had,” Fielder said.

She says Jerad Miller warned he would kill police and place swastikas on them.

"Amanda was a beautiful woman. She was one of the most greatest people I ever met. Jerad on the other hand was not. He was always talking about overthrowing the government, that welfare, Obama all that, was just crap," Fielder said.

She says they said goodbye before they left.

“They hugged me goodbye, they hugged me goodbye, yeah. She says, ‘I'll be back here late at night to see you, to see the cats,’ and he hugged me and he started crying and he said, ‘I gotta do what I gotta do,’ and that was it,” Fielder said.

She says she believes Jerad Miller brainwashed Amanda into being anti-government.

"She was brainwashed. I know she was. Cause she was such a beautiful female. I loved the hell out of her, and now she's gone. That's how I feel about it," Fielder said.

Fielder says the Millers lived at the Oak Tree Apartments since April, and they moved into her place a few weeks ago.

Fielder gave 8 News NOW the list of what Metro Police took from the apartment. The list includes papers with a detailed plan to take over a courthouse and execute public officials. They also found a few rifle cases.

Police were back at the apartment Monday afternoon continuing their investigation.

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