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Extreme heat a danger to many pets

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LAS VEGAS - Veterinarians say this time of year typically brings an increase in heat-related illnesses for pets.

Obese pets and animals with respiratory problems are most at risk. Certain breeds of dogs, especially pugs and bulldogs, can also struggle in extreme heat. That is because they typically experience difficulty breathing.

Veterinarian Dr. Mary Lee says the best time to walk your dog is when the sun is down. If you are going to take them out during the day, make sure to keep them in the shade as much as possible. Hot pavement can hurt their paws.

If you believe your pet is suffering from heat stroke, get the animal to a cool place and give him or her water. Dr. Lee adds to make sure the water is not too cold.

"If you cool them too quickly so there's too rapid of a change from say one hundred and eight down to one hundred, then that can actually cause more damage in the body that can be life threatening,” she said.

Vets urge you to monitor your pets’ allergies this time of year. If they are scratching their paws or bellies, give them a bath and clean off their coat.

Make sure to bring enough water for you and your pet if you spend any time outside during the summer.

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