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Hundreds march on Las Vegas Strip against GMOs

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LAS VEGAS -- Two lanes of traffic were closed on the Las Vegas Strip Saturday as nearly 1,000 people marched against Monsanto, the biggest company behind GMOs or genetically modified organisms.

Protesters say Americans should have more information as to what they are eating. GMOs means the DNA of the food has been altered, usually to keep the food preserved longer or make unappealing to natural predators like insects.

Around 400 cities took part in the worldwide event. The local march started near Town Square and ended at the iconic Las Vegas sign.

There are many reasons why groups like GMO-Free Las Vegas are against GMOs. The group believes Americans consume too many chemicals in their food. There is also concern about the effects GMOs have on the environment when it comes to insects, especially bees which pollinate food.

"When we have BT-corn that's specifically manufactured, so when a beetle eats it, it's stomach explodes, that's actually why this corn is manufactured. When you have that, we're all eating that, too. Corn is 90 percent of our diet, you have to start thinking of where all of these diseases are coming from," said organizer Angie Morelli.

Morelli did not elaborate on any specific diseases.

Monsanto's website debunks much of the concern stating, "plants and crops with GM traits have been tested more than any other crops with no credible evidence of harm to human or animals."

Beyond allergic reactions, the World Health Organization says today's science shows that GMO foods are fine to eat. However, GMO foods are not labeled.

The protesters are worried that the science could change over time and discover that most of our food is packed with dangerous chemicals. They would like to see the food containing GMOs labeled.
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