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Fate of convicted Strip dancer in the hands of a judge

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Narvaez's family Narvaez's family

LAS VEGAS -- A judge will decide whether Jason 'Blu' Griffith will spend the rest of his life in prison.

A jury found the former Cirque du Soleil dancer guilty of second-degree murder Thursday, after a nine-day trial. Griffith strangled his ex-girlfriend, Debora Flores Narvaez, to death then dismembered her body.

Narvaez was also a professional dancer performing at the "Fantasy" show at the Luxor Hotel and Casino.

The judge has a lot to go over before sentencing on July 23. A soap opera played out in front of her during the nine days of testimony.

The state laid out a case where the details of the murder are entangled with the many romances Griffith had with several women.

The prosecution said that keeping Narvaez a secret was the reason Griffith killed her. Of all the women Jason Griffith was involved with, Agnes Roux is the one he says he loved.

Roux is a professional dancer from France. Griffith choreographed one of her shows.

His lawyers called her as a witness in his murder trial.

"We participated in a joint project between the Unified Ballet Theater and Cirque du Soleil," Roux told the jury.

Roux told the jury she knew Narvaez through Facebook and circles of the same friends. She also told the jury that Narvaez had called her once and expressed fears that her boyfriend was seeing someone else.

"She asked if he was seeing someone and I said, 'yes Debbie it's me,'" Roux said.

Narvaez was only the second woman in Griffith's life. He was also seeing other dancers and multiple women he had met online.

One of the women he met online was Kalae Casorso. Griffith and Casorso had a casual relationship. He told Casorso he was having problems keeping Debbie a secret from Agnes.

"He was seeing her to kind of, eventually, get her to go away. Spending a little time with her to keep her at bay and happy, so she would not disrupt him and Agnes," Casorso said.

Agnes broke up with Griffith when she found out about Debbie but months later agreed to meet with him to rekindle the relationship.

When Narvaez found out Griffith had plans with Roux there was a fight. Police had been called multiple times in their relationship, but this time the fight ended in Narvaez's death.

Griffith strangled her to death, left her body in a plastic bin and headed out to meet Roux.

"I'm thinking I'm going to spend the rest of my life in jail because no one is going to believe me and this is the last chance I'm going to see this woman because in a day or so she's leaving to go to Spain," Griffith told the jury.

Griffith came back to his house the next day. He and his roommate, Louis Colombo, poured cement over the body, rented a U-Haul and looked for a place to hide it. They turned to Griffith's friend Kalae Casorso. She says she didn't know what they were trying to hide at first.

"He asked, 'do I really want to know?' I said, 'yes, if you're putting it in my house, I need to know what it is.' and he just said it was Debbie," Casorso told the jury.

Eventually Griffith and his roommate decided the body needed to be dismembered to make it easier to move. Colombo took an immunity deal in exchange for his testimony against Griffith.

The judge listened to the entire story over nine days of testimony, including the lies told to many women and the motivation the state gave for the murder, which was keeping his relationship with Roux.

Griffith's lawyers say they plan on appealing the jury's second-degree murder verdict. Before sentencing, the judge will also take into consideration the gruesome way Narvaez's body was dismembered.

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