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Murder defendant, Jason Griffith, wraps testimony in his trial

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Debora Flores Narvaez Debora Flores Narvaez

LAS VEGAS -- Jason Griffith finished his testimony in his murder trial Monday afternoon.

The former dancer is accused of killing his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Debora Flores Narvaez in December 2010.

It is not everyday that you see a high-profile case where the defendant testifies. In cross-examination, the prosecutor took advantage of that opportunity.

Prosecutor: "Are you willing to acknowledge to this jury that you did absolutely nothing whatsoever to save the life of Debbie Flores?"

Griffith: "I was in shock, sir."

Prosecutor: "That is not my question. Are you willing to acknowledge you did absolutely nothing, whatsoever, to save the life of Debbie Flores?"

Griffith: "I don't know any techniques, sir, I didn't do anything, I was in shock."

Prosecutors wanted to drill that point to the jury. Griffith didn't try to perform CPR. He didn't call 911, after what would be his last fight with Narvaez.

Instead, testimony has shown Griffith chopped up her body, and buried it concrete, while a nearly month-long search went on.

Most of Monday morning's cross- examination involved the rocky relationship between Griffith and Narvaez. The prosecution grilled the 35-year-old about other women in his life, and he was also quizzed about different e-mails, text messages, and domestic violence situations involving him and Narvaez.

On the stand, Griffith described a pattern of behavior he says Narvaez showed time and time again.

"When this stuff flares up, she gets angry, she gets violent, and dangerous. When she doesn't get her way, I get hit, I get chased, slapped, threatened, it's all the same rundown when she is not getting her way, and it is scary, scary enough to the point where, as a man, I still had to call 911." Griffith told the jury.

Monday afternoon, several fellow performers from Cirque du Soleil's "Love" testified for the defense, describing incidents they say where Narvaez would stalk or threaten Griffith.

Security guards described an encounter where she was irate and out of control, following Griffith at a shopping center. An ex-girlfriend of Griffith also testified on his behalf.

At one point, Griffith explained to the jury that because of her stalking and obsession, Narvaez was known as "bunny boiler," which is a reference the movie "Fatal Attraction," where a character becomes obsessed with a married man and boils his daughter's rabbit.

Griffith says this is a case of self-defense, but prosecutors want him to go away for life. The case is expected to go to the jury Tuesday.

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