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Jason 'Blu' Griffith cross-examined on dancer's killing

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LAS VEGAS -- A former dancer returned to the witness stand Friday to be cross-examined by the state in the killing of Debora Flores Narvaez.

Jason "Blu" Griffith is accused of killing and dismembering Flores Narvaez, his former girlfriend. He maintains he was acting in self-defense when Flores Narvaez died during a struggle at his home. 

The prosecution asked Griffith questions about whether he was scared of the victim. The state introduced also evidence that Griffith continued to have a sexual relationship with Flores Narvaez even though she had allegedly threatened him in emails and a hand written note.

Griffith did admit he was seeing several women at the same time and was not being truthful with some of them.

The prosecutors also questioned Griffith about what he told police when they questioned him about Narvaez's disappearance.

"As you sit here today, you can't remember, if trying to lie your way out of this to the police happened before or after you dismembered the body?" the prosecutor said.

"I said, in relation to the days, so many things were happening, so many different trips to the store, and this and that, that I don't remember what day was what in relation to the interview," Griffith said.

He also admitted to the jury that he was a liar.

Prosecutor: "Are you a liar?"

Griffith: "Yes sir."

Prosecutor: "You don't care if you want something you just lie?"

Griffith: "Yes sir."

Prosecutor: "You have no problem saying, 'on my sons this is true' when you're lying?"

Griffith: "At times, I have said that. Yes sir."

Flores Narvaez was reported missing when she failed to show up for work in the Luxor hotel-casino's racy "Fantasy" revue. Her dismembered corpse was found in tubs of concrete in Jan. 2011.

Griffith performed in the Cirque du Soleil show "Love."

(Associated Press contributed to this report.)


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