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Cool at School: Wynn students take a stand against bullying

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LAS VEGAS - Learning to treat fellow students with respect is a required subject for all grades at Elaine Wynn Elementary School.

“Bullying is like when you hurt somebody's feelings or you hit or push, and it makes the other person feel really bad,” said student Lydia.

The school recently celebrated Stand for Change Day. Nine hundred students pledge to make their school bully free. The effort is the culmination of a year-long learning program led by counselor Diann Marcella.

“We're teaching them lifelong skills that they'll use forever, forever, because there are difficult people wherever you go. There are bullies wherever you go,” she said.

“When you're standing up to a bully, you don't just go up to them and be bossier,” said third grader Saniya. “Then they'll think you're being a bully, and then it's just going to cause bigger trouble.”

Understanding why kids bully helps students better tackle the problem.

“Maybe (it’s) because they're jealous,” one student said.

“They're trying to make themselves feel better,” added another student.

Mirna Mejia with the Anti-Defamation League says bullying can be prevented.

“We believe hate is learned,” she said. “It's important to educate our students about being accepting of everyone.”

“Respect others the way you want to be treated,” said student Jose. “It's the golden rule.”

Stand for Change is part of the Anti-Defamation League's Defeat the Label curriculum. More than three million educators around the world are standing up against bullying in their schools.

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