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5/14/14 Elijah Pins His Hopes on a 2nd Appearance on Wednesday's Child

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We just can't quite understand why this week's Wed's Child candidate hasn't been adopted yet, and when you meet him, you'll wonder too.   And if you watch regularly, you'll recognize him from a previous episode and his big smile.

Almost a year and a half ago, we were with Elijah at Clay Arts Vegas...and since Elijah likes working with his hands, he thought that was pretty cool.  

"One thing he really enjoys doing is like taking apart things, putting the back together, trying to figure out how things work," says Brian, Elijah's case worker.

But as long as we're talking "cool" things to do...well...riding horses is right up there. We were at Horses for Heroes at Tule Springs with Elijah the other day, and beginning to wonder if we'd be able to get him out of the saddle.

"I have to like pull his neck, pull his neck to turn side to side and pull back for it to stop, is like a car, but if you pull back it's like the brake when your reverse," explains Elijah.

Everyone familiar with Elijah's story agrees, this handsome 11 year old has been in foster care long enough.

"Yeah he is still very hopeful to find a home, he wants to be adopted, it's been a long road for him, been in some different homes, and then in care for quite a long time, and so it's something that he still wants," notes Brian.

"He does understand that ours is not a permanent situation."

That's Elijah's current foster father, who says this young man has plenty to give.

"He's very very active too, if you get him involved in a project he's right there with you, if you go out to weed he'll go out to weed in the garden with you," says his foster father, Phil.

More than anything, Elijah needs structure and someone with patience to gain his trust.

"He responds well to when there is rules and direction and limits placed on him, he does really well," mentions Brian.

"He needs affection. And it will take some time for him to build trust, he's a little slow to build trust, but he's settling into our home and beginning to trust and it's looking pretty good," says Phil.

Elijah is free to adopt. 'No strings attached.   To get started, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange today at 436-6335.
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