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Murder defendant, Jason Griffith, calls victim 'clingy' and violent

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LAS VEGAS -- Former Las Vegas Strip dancer Jason Griffith, who is accused of killing his ex-girlfriend, testified in his own defense Wednesday.

Griffith decided Wednesday to waive his right to not incriminate himself even though testifying would open him to damaging cross-examination by prosecutors.

Griffith told the jury that the victim Debora Flores Narvaez knew he had other relationships, and they were supposed to be casual. He said she became too "clingy", and he tried to pull back. He also said she would call and text him 40 times a day. Griffith said she became violent, and he had to call the police.

Jurors listened to a 911 call where Narvaez can be heard screaming in the background. Griffith says that is the day he was trying to get away from her by locking her out of his house.

"She's ringing the doorbell non stop. Ringing it, ringing it, ringing it and I actually disabled the mechanism so it stops ringing. She is using her phone calling and calling and calling. I think maybe she'll just get tired and stop. Louis and I sit down and have a conversation. Then I hear her banging on my bedroom window, which is a room away. She's banging on the bedroom window and it just breaks," Griffith told the jury.

He told the jury Narvaez left him a note saying she would kill him before seeing him with another woman.

"I was kind of shocked at first. We usually laugh at something like that. Most guys take it as a joke. But in light of the things going on, I thought it was important to report it, to preserve it. People don't believe this actually happens. This stuff is actually happening to me," Griffith said.

He also said when he did call police, they didn't seem to take him seriously, and he told the jury that Narvaez made fun of the fact that police did nothing.

"She would ridicule me. She would say, 'you're a man, they're not going to believe you. They are never going to believe that I'm doing anything to you. Why do you keep calling them? They are not going to help you,'" Griffith said.

Griffith is accused of killing and dismembering Narvaez, a performer in the racy "Fantasy" revue.

Defense attorneys have said that Griffith was acting in self defense when he killed Narvaez in December 2010. 

A judge decided Wednesday that defense attorneys could call witnesses to tell the jury that Narvaez had a violent history with other boyfriends and against Griffith.

An ex-boyfriend of Narvaez told the jury that she was violent with him.

Prosecutors rested their case Tuesday after key testimony from Griffith's former housemate who testified how he helped Griffith dispose of the body. Narvaez was found covered in concrete and stuffed into plastic bins in January 2011.

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