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Jury hears grisly details in dancer's death

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LAS VEGAS -- The jury in the murder trial of former Strip dancer Jason "Blu" Griffith heard some of the gruesome details of how the victim, Debora Flores Narvaez, was killed and what happened to her body afterward.

The jury appeared tired after a day of focusing on the grisly details of Narvaez death. The crime scene analysts and the medical examiner went into graphic detail about the murder.

They also showed the jury pictures of body parts and the bins she was placed into, before she was covered in concrete.

Forensic pathologist Larry Simms testified that the dancer's legs had been amputated, and her left arm was partially severed. He told the jury a hand saw was used to partially dismember the body.

Simms also told the jury that a bone Narvaez' throat was broken, which is evidence of strangulation. He also says that damage is usually not enough to kill someone.

"If you cut the blood supply from the brain, they'll have brain damage if they come back. And then if you keep it on there for longer, generally the outside amount is 10 minutes, and then they are not going to come back," Simms said.

During cross examination by Griffith's defense attorney, Simms testified that in some cases a person can die in less time from strangulation. Damage to the brain can be severe enough the person's lungs stop working and they die in less than three minutes.

Griffith's attorney says Narvaez died while his client was trying to protect himself. He has told the jury that what happened to the body after her death is not proof that it was premeditated.

Griffith and Narvaez were in a relationship described by most people as "tempestuous." Narvaez disappeared in December 2010. Her body was found in an empty home a month later. Griffith was arrested and charged after her body was found.

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