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Warning: Posting sports bets could spell trouble

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LAS VEGAS -- Identity theft has skyrocketed in the digital age. You have to protect everything from your bank account to your Facebook profile. Now the threat is entering a new arena  --  the casinos and your winnings.

The offenders blame the popularity of sports betting and the popularity of social media sites like Instagram. If pet lovers are going to post pictures of their cat, why wouldn't sports bettor post pictures of their bets? It's not uncommon to see bettors post their betting tickets and it could be putting them at risk for fraud.

It's unclear where the phenomenon started of posting picture after picture of your sports bet winnings on social media. Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather has perfected the trend with his five-figure hashtags. For most people, the bets and winning are smaller amounts, but they may be at greater risk of identify theft.

"When I see a ticket on Twitter and it has a full disclosure of all of the information, I just cringe," said Jay Kornegay, the director of the Las Vegas Superbook.

He says there's important information on betting tickets that you should not share. For example, the casino name, the time the bet was made, and the serial number. He says someone could pretend that was their lost ticket and use that information to try to get the winnings before you collect. Even knowing the risk, that won't stop some sports bettors.
 "If you want to follow my name, log on, it's Vegas Lane Pro Picks on Facebook," said Marcus Williams with Vegas Lane Pro Picks.

Williams says he and a lot of his friends post pictures of their bets.

"I think it's for notoriety. I'm a winner. Everybody wants to be a winner when you come to Vegas," he said.

 "We certainly understand all of the glory people want from Twitter. Getting all of the glory tweeting out the high-odds, great bets that you made. Get some pats on the back because you saw it before it anybody else. I certainly understand that, but you have to protect yourself," Kornegay said.

His casino has protections for the rightful ticket holder. There is a 120-day hold for payout on lost tickets. The best advice is to edit the photos first  so you don't give way certain information.

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