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5/7/14 Amiya and Ar'Dejani Must Be Placed Together

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Today's sibling pair on Wednesday's Child shows how strong the bonds of sisters can be.   Dave Courvoisier introduces us to a 10- and a 14- yr old who rely on each other, but really need some parents.

When we arrived at gym for a private tumbling class, Ar'dejani and Amiyah were dubious at best.   But you'll see how they came to relax and have fun once they got comfortable.

Ar'dejani is the older sister -- and at 14 --tall for her age.   That means the coaches are after her... But she has plenty of other interests, too.

"Ar'dejani is everything that a 14-year-old girl could possibly be. Well into fashion, she loves getting her hair done, her nails done, a volleyball player. She just recently shared that she's interested in track. I keep trying to talk her into basketball," says Maria, their case worker.

Younger sister Amiya is 10, and seemed the more serious of the two.

"Amiya is determined. Amiya is hard-working. Amiya is smart. I think Amiya is absolutely beautiful. Amiya loves basketball, she's creative, she's spiritual she enjoys going to church and worshiping," says Maria.

Just recently, the two sisters were finally placed in a foster home together.

"I love watching them bloom even more now that there placed together," admits Maria.

Both girls are opening up more and more to the idea of adoption.

Dave asks: "What does that mean to you, adoption?"  "That I will be with um, a forever family," says Ar'dejani.

Because they carry some pain -- like all foster kids -- these two need a home with structure, patience, and lots of love.

"They been through a lot and I wish that I did have a magic lamp to just kinda rub and give them their wishes, their dreams, and I love their progress, I love that there are now open to change. "When they describe home, it has the dog it has the house it has everything that you would draw in a pretty picture. Yeah they…. That would be wonderful for them," says Maria.

Ar'dejeni and Amiyah have siblings they want to stay in touch with...so be mindful of that when you call to begin the process of adopting them.   The number to call at the Adoption Exchange is 436-6335.

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