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Illegal pot suppliers: County 'gouging' them

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LAS VEGAS -- While more than 100 companies have applied to get into the medical marijuana dispensary business, there are those people that have already been in the business illegally.

There are dozens of underground medical pot dispensaries that are currently operating illegally in Las Vegas. According to, there are 71 operations around the valley.

People from three of those dispensaries were willing to talk about the pot business. One man, who asked to remain anonymous, said the pot business in Clark County is unfair. He supplies about a dozen patients with his homegrown alternative to prescription drugs.

"I have a bachelor's in pharmacy science and I know the whole pharmacology behind medication and pills," he said.

He doesn’t sell the weed, but does accept gas money.

Another supplier, Ashley Buchanan, is the brazen owner of Emerald Avenue.

"If I got arrested, I would get bailed out and I would start again," Buchanan said.

She employs 12 people who deliver pot to card-carrying patients.

“What we’re doing now is not technically legal,” she said.

The weed comes from out-of-state. Emerald Avenue makes about $10,000 tax-free in sales a week, most of it from online specials.

"We actually have a specialty item, we have edible fudge cups that come in over 10 different flavors, delicious fudge made from hash oil," she said.

Eddy Hooper is one of the self-proclaimed big players in medical marijuana in Las Vegas. He says he has 10,000 customers and high rankings on pot websites.

"This is gift from God, I believe in God," said Hooper, the CEO of Wellness 702.

He and others in the illegal business say they are upset that only those people with $250,000 to burn will get a chance to run a dispensary in Clark County legally.

The illegal sellers have no opportunity to get into the legal side although they have the experience in the business.

"When this movement first started, it was based on non-profit. Now you have the cities getting involved and they're trying to gouge everybody," Hooper said.

"You have politicians, lawyers, bankers, all of these people who have no experience,” Buchanan said.

Police would not go on camera to comment on the gray market of these dispensaries, but a spokesperson for Metro Police says they are not targeting these people as the law is not clear yet.

When the legal pot shops do open up around the valley, the delivery services say they plan to continue business as usual. To be clear, these people only sell or collect what they call donations from verified medical marijuana card holders and they don't pay taxes.

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